Yes. Here's how:


Open the Settings page

Select "Change password"

Click on the "FORGOT PASSWORD" link.


From the bottom left corner select "Settings"Scroll down and select "Change password"Select "Forgot password"

  • Enter your recovery passphrase. Make sure all characters are lowercase, there is only one space between words and there are no extra spaces at the end.

  • Do not select the BIP39 option unless you know exactly what it means. It has nothing to do with the password you are trying to restore. By default Coinomi does not use a BIP39 passphrase.

  • Set a new password.

If you don't have your Recovery Phrase backed up, please read: I've lost both my Recovery Passphrase and my Coinomi app password. Are my funds lost?

Possible errors:

Please note, the desktop or iOS versions may have different error messages, but all the possible error causes are listed below.

"New Master Key Differs from Wallet Master Key" or "The recovery phrase entered does not belong to this wallet. Check if you need to enter a BIP39 passphrase"

This error means that you trying to reset your password using an incorrect recovery phrase. The recovery phrase may be associated with a different account, or you used the incorrect BIP39 option. Please try again and make sure that each word is spelled correctly and that this is the phrase associated with the account in question and not another one. Make sure you only check the "Use BIP39 passphrase" if you have one set, otherwise .

"Word list is empty"

Solution: if you are on Android, close the normal system keyboard before starting to enter your phrase. Use only our secure blue keyboard that appears under the phrase box, selecting the word suggestions from it. This is to prevent keyboards from "learning" your phrase or possibly uploading it to a server out of your control.

"Could not verify your recovery phrase. Word list size must be multiples of three words."

Solution: A recovery phrase can only be 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, or 24 words long with a single space between each. Check that there is a single space between each word. Make sure that you have not repeated or forgotten any words in your recovery phrase. If you wrote down a recovery phrase that is not of this length, you may have created your phrase with an additional BIP39 password. If this is the case, check the box "Use a BIP39 passphrase" and enter your extra password(s). (Note that by default Coinomi creates wallets without a BIP39 passphrase)

"Recovery phrase contains unrecognized words."

Solution: This error means that at least one of the words in your phrase is not in the official list of supported words, or you may have an uppercase character. Make sure all characters are in lowercase first. Then you can test your phrase here as it tells you which word is unrecognized. You can also see the full list of supported words here

"Recovery phrase is not valid. Check if some words are misspelled."

Solution: This means all individual words on your phrase are valid, but they are either on the wrong order, or a typo changed one word into another valid word. This makes the phrase as a whole invalid. Check the full list of supported words here and look for words on your list that you could have misspelled, for example from "grid" -> "grit", "awake" -> "aware", "bind" -> "bird" (all of those words are, individually, valid)

Support website password

You may or may not have an account on this support website. These accounts are used exclusively for contacting the support staff and keeping track of opened support tickets. Any options you see here to reset your password are only valid for the website's account. It is completely unrelated to your wallets in the app, and will not be able to reset your password there. To change the password in the app your recovery phrase is essential.