Your funds are safe. The balances and transaction histories are fetched from our servers, and this sometimes requires a manual refresh to reflect. But if a network problem occurs, the refresh might be aborted, failing to load all transactions and balance. Please refresh your wallet (... / Reynchronize), making sure you have a strong and reliable Internet connection.

Some users claim that on Android, closing the Coinomi completely (swipe it away from your Phone's "recents" list) then clearing Coinomi's app cache in your phone's "Settings - Apps - Coinomi - Storage" helps.

A final way to force a balance refresh is the following:

1/ Copy your Coinomi ETH Receive address 

2/ From your Coinomi ETH balance page, swipe two times to the left to get to the "Info" tab.

3/ Find and click the "balanceOf" line.

4/ In the next screen, paste your ETH address and click "Excecute". 

This will return your balance from the contract itself, and should refresh the balance in the main page.

We're working to improve the functionality of our dApps/ERC20 support.