Token generation events and distributions are not controlled by Coinomi. The team of each token usually publishes a clear roadmap which marks down when and how the tokens are being deployed to investors. In some cases, you will need to consult the ICO's Telegram, Reddit, or Website for more detailed information.

All promoted ICOs in Coinomi receive a coin-like wallet, a custom icon and fiat exchange rates (when listed on coinmarketcap). However, the following states might exist:

1. The ICO is still running, and the tokens have not yet been distributed. If this is the case, you will not be able to add the token/contract and it will not be available in the dApps list. Again, you may need to consult the ICOs Telegram Channel, Reddit, or website for details regarding the token release date and distribution method.

2. The ICO is over, but the tokens cannot be sent or exchanged. Most likely, Changelly or Shapeshift have not added the token. You can find exchanges to trade the token by inputting the token name into the search bar of and clicking 'markets' on the token's page. If the token is not listed on, it most likely is not exchangeable yet. Alternatively, the token contract might be frozen by the team of that project. Please consult the ICO/token page you participated in if this is the case.

Rest assured that by the date the tokens are distributed, a fully functioning wallet will be available in Coinomi. You should read this article to add the dApp. If the token has been distributed, but it is not yet available in Coinomi's dApps list, please read this article.