Aion has finished their process of swapping the Ethereum tokens into coins of the main Aion network. Holders of the aion ERC20 tokens had until November 30th 2018 to complete the process below. Tokens were swapped on a 1:1 ratio. The guide below is kept for archival purposes only. An overview of the process can be condensed into two steps:

  1. Open and enter the token amount and your mainnet Aion address, so the website generates some data required for the swap.
  2. From the Ethereum wallet in Coinomi, send a 0 ETH transaction to Aion's contract address, pasting the data generated by the bridge website.

If you're not familiar with the process, below are super-detailed step-by-step instructions you should follow:

  1. If you haven't already, create an Aion coin wallet in Coinomi. Open the left side menu, select "+coins" and add Aion from the list.
  2. Open your Aion coin wallet, navigate to your "receive" page and copy your address.
  3. Open and close the small popup message using the "x" or clicking outside of it.
  4. On the "amount" field, select the amount of tokens you want to swap. You may wish to test with a small amount first.
  5. On the "address" field, paste your mainnet Aion address you copied on step 2. Verify that the address is correct.
  6. Check the box saying you verified the address and that you accept their terms after reading them.
  7. Click the "generate transfer" button.
  8. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, there will be four values: (1) to address, (2) value, (3) gas limit and (4) data. You will only need (1) and (4).
  9. Open Coinomi and select the Ethereum wallet (do not open the Aion token wallet).
  10. On the send screen, paste the (1) "to address" of the website as the destination address. Select "Ethereum" from the popup list.
  11. Set the value to send as 0 ETH (do not leave it blank, you must explicitly set it to zero)
  12. Select the "advanced settings" button, and on the "input data" field paste the (4) "data" from the website.
  13. Leave the other settings unchanged (Coinomi automatically calculates the gas limit)
  14. Send and confirm the transaction. Make sure you have at least 0.002 ETH to cover the transaction fees.
  15. You can track the progress of the swap by pasting the ID of the transaction on the top search bar of
  16. Once the swap is complete, you should not see an incoming transaction, since that is done internally via Aion's smart contracts. You will see your Aion balance reflect the swap directly.

The official documentation for the Aion swap can be found here: