Since November 1st 2018, using ShapeShift's services requires having an account on their website. Accounts must be fully verified by sending all the required information to them.

Coinomi never has access to any of this information, as it is transmitted directly to them. Normal use of Coinomi remains completely anonymous and none of this data is collected or passes through our servers.

If you haven't associated your Coinomi installation with your ShapeShift membership yet, you will see this screen when trying to use their service. Tap on "sign in with ShapeShift" and log in with your ShapeShift membership account. *

* Due to Apple's approval process and restrictions, Shapeshift is temporarily disabled on the iOS clients.

Even when logged in, none of your personal data is downloaded to your device. The Coinomi app simply gets an authentication token from ShapeShift allowing the app to use their services.

If you are using an old version of Coinomi, or if your membership is not fully verified, you will see an error message when trying to exchange: "You must be logged in with a verified user" or "User must complete KYC"

To resolve this, open in your browser, log in with the same account you are using in Coinomi, and make sure your account is fully verified, by sending all the KYC information they require.

To disassociate Coinomi from a ShapeShift account, select "... / Log out" from the top right corner. You will remain logged in with the browser used. To change to a different ShapeShift account completely, you will need to log out using the browser as well.

For more information read: