To claim TenX tokens you are required to sign a message to prove your ownership of the tokens. The signing process can be done entirely from Coinomi, no outside software is necessary. Follow the steps below to sign the message (or watch our video instructions here):

  1. Open the Ethereum wallet that has your tokens
  2. On the "receive" screen, copy your address
  3. Back to the "balance" screen, select "... - Sign/veirfy message"
  4. Paste the address on the first box
  5. Paste your email address on the second box
  6. Press the "sign" button and confirm your password
  7. Copy the signature provided by the app completely

You're done with signing. There is, however, one detail to take note. The TenX system only accepts a very specific format for their signatures, shown below:

{ "address": "myethadress", "msg": "myemail", "sig": "0xcoinomisignature", "version": "3", "signer": "MEW" }

Using the code above as template, follow the steps below to get your full signature compatible with the TenX system:

  1. Paste the signature obtained above replacing the "0xcoinomisignature" text from the template (keep the quotation marks)
  2. Add the characters "0x" immediately before the signature you pasted
  3. Paste your Ethereum address replacing the "myethaddress" text from the template (keep the quotation marks)
  4. Paste your email address replacing the "myemail" text from the template (keep the quotation marks)
  5. Done. You can now copy the full text (including opening and closing brackets { } ) and submit it to the TenX system


If your Ethereum address is 0x70b734acBdf38F4296A28003CA910A7E4Dd99ff6 and your email address is, the signature provided by Coinomi would be efd5b3f6d62970a2c8b94f16630f18713382b38c7690cf7351b883783787da6245e4f28a02c1a48668e226ee533752ad6fd08d9913ba8128a343d1517918c6391b. The final signature to be submitted to TenX will be:

{ "address": "0x70b734acBdf38F4296A28003CA910A7E4Dd99ff6", "msg": "", "sig": "0xefd5b3f6d62970a2c8b94f16630f18713382b38c7690cf7351b883783787da6245e4f28a02c1a48668e226ee533752ad6fd08d9913ba8128a343d1517918c6391b", "version": "3", "signer": "MEW" }


  • Keep the quotation marks " " and curly brackets { }
  • Add the characters "0x" to the start of the signature provided by the app
  • The message to be signed (your email) is case sensitive. If the email you paste on the template above is all lowercase, you must also sign your email as all lowercase.

Coinomi is not affiliated with TenX and does not participate in the claiming process in any way. Never share private keys and recovery phrases with anyone. Please read the full official claiming instructions here: