Exclusive coin (EXCL) activated an update that created a completely new blockchain. EXCL users needed to swap their coins from the 2.0 blockchain to the 3.0 blockchain if they wanted to use the new chain. Since Coinomi users are the only ones ever in control of their funds, this is a manual process that can only be made by the users themselves.

After 6 months of the EXCL swap portal being active, they have ended it on January 1st (link). Coinomi will continue supporting the 3.0 chain and the 2.0 chain will be delisted. You can read about delisting here: https://coinomi.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/29000032982-i-have-a-coin-that-is-being-delisted-what-should-i-do-

For archival purposes, below are the swap instructions active during the 6 months of the swap (these instructions are no longer valid):

If you are running the Android version, make sure your device is fully updated and follow the instructions below:

  1. From your coin overview list, select "+ / Add coins" and add a new EXCL wallet
  2. You will have 2 EXCL wallets, one old and one new
  3. Open the new EXCL wallet in Coinomi, swipe to the "Receive" section and copy your current receive address
  4. Open the EXCL swap portal at http://swap.exclusivecoin.pw/
  5. Paste the address from step 3 into the first box of the page labeled "Your EXCL new Address"
  6. Open your old EXCL wallet in Coinomi and select "+ / Unspent outputs"
  7. If you have multiple outputs listed, choose an address of that list and mark all other addresses as "do not spend"
  8. On the EXCL swap portal, carefully fill the field "Your EXCL old Address" with the address you selected on step 7
  9. When entered correctly, the "Request EXCL OLD address" button will be enabled. Press it.
  10. If your address had a balance at their snapshot date, you will see it in the "max swap amount" field and you will receive an address where you must send that balance.
  11. Copy that address and paste it into your Coinomi "send" screen of the old wallet. You can also use a website like webqr.com to quickly generate a QR code of that address than can be scanned by the app
  12. Send all your old EXCL to that address
  13. Return to step 6 and repeat the process with a new address where you hold old EXCL until you have sent all EXCL that you want to swap

If you are running the iOS or Desktop versions, you are not yet able to select individual addresses to send from. You will have to export your private keys into the main EXCL v2 wallet. Follow these instructions to get your private keys. Then follow the EXCL instructions and use "coin control" and specify the address from where the coins will be sent.

The swap process can only be done by the EXCL team. Please give them 1-5 days for them to process your swap. If you have any doubts or questions please contact swap@exclusivecoin.pw

The official announcement and instructions for the EXCL swap can be found here: https://exclusivecoin.pw/excl-swap-portal-live-for-people-running-own-wallets/