Why it happens

Sometimes an exchange may fail or "hang", for a variety of reasons. Most commonly:

  1. The exchange was completed but the app didn't update its status. Select the "refresh" icon at the top right corner of the exchange detail screen to force a refresh.
  2. The amount sent was over the variable minimum and maximum limits set by Coinswitch or Changelly.
  3. The transaction was sent with low fees, resulting in long confirmation times. An exchange can only be completed after your transaction is confirmed.
  4. You are exchanging from a coin that requires a higher number of confirmations. Even if your transaction is confirmed, the exchange may be put on hold until a minimum number of confirmations. This is regulated by Coinswitch/Changelly, not by us.
  5. Exchanging a high value, making Changelly require extra verification to comply with AML regulations.
  6. Possible coin-specific delays.
  7. Other network related reasons
  8. Maintenance of a specific coin pair by Coinomi or the exchange.


What to do about it

If the status of the exchange doesn't refresh at all within the app, you can check the status on your own browser. Consult this article about the status of your exchange and instructions for each case: HOW TO - Check the status of an exchange I performed in Coinomi

If the exchange has already accused an error in the app, or if you identified any problem using the guide above, please open the appropriate link below, replacing "ID" with the actual exchange ID you see in your exchange history, and directly contact the exchange's support from those pages:

Changelly: https://changelly.com/transaction/ID

Coinswitch: https://coinswitch.co/app/exchange/transaction/ID

Our exchange partners will review your case and will refund your transactions upon confirmation of the failed exchange.

Note: If your exchange history is not visible for any reason, or the failed exchange is not showing up on that list, you will find the transaction in the main tab of the coin you exchanged - the list of all send and receive transactions is shown there, and that includes the exchange transactions.