You may at one point want to exchange a coin that Coinomi supports, but our in-app partner exchanges don't. Unfortunately, our in-app exchange providers do not support all the coins that Coinomi supports. With many hundreds of coins and tokens natively supported in Coinomi, this is understandable. If they provide support for that particular coin or token in the future, it will automatically be available for exchange in Coinomi. 

You may also find that a coin that you exchanged before is no longer available on that same exchange. Sending coins from Coinomi is always possible, but when it comes to exchanges, they can be momentarily taken offline for maintenance or upgrade, either by Coinomi or the exchanges themselves.

We're hard at work adding more exchange options to provide our users with the best rates available. 

If you must exchange an asset immediately but it's not available to be exchanged with our partners, you can always exchange them via an external exchange website. You are likely to find some exchanges that support the asset on its own website, or on aggregator websites like