By default, Coinomi will show you native SegWit addresses, the most efficient type. Those start with "bc1" for Bitcoin. If you are using any service that doesn't yet support sending coins to it, you can select the "compatibility" type which is supported by most services. If necessary, you can also create legacy addresses. Any of the 3 addresses can be used freely. Read the examples below for Bitcoin addresses: 

Default addresses start with "bc1..." and are the most efficient address format. Not all services may be able to send to this address format yet. Try to receive coins in this address type whenever possible.

Compatibility addresses start with "3..." and have good efficiency. They are compatible with virtually all services and wallets. If the default address cannot be used to receive, use this one instead.

Legacy address start with "1...", do not use SegWit and do not take advantage of SegWit improvements, but can still be used like any other. If the service you are using only works with this address format, please contact them so they update their system.

Other coins may have different starting characters for their addresses, but the idea is the same. Use the default address for lower fees and faster confirmations.

Which coins can be upgraded to SegWit in Coinomi?

Currently Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), BitcoinGold (BTG), BitcoinAtom (BCA), DigiByte (DGB), Monacoin (MONA), Vertcoin (VTC), Viacoin (VIA), Fujicoin (FJC), Bitcore (BTX), Groestlcoin (GRS) and Syscoin (SYS) enjoy native SegWit support. The rest of the SegWit enabled coins that are currently supported by Coinomi (Navcoin (NAV)) are welcome to register here so that we can provide full SegWit support for them too. Users are welcome to contact those coins' teams in their community media and remind them to register an entry.

I upgraded, now what do I do?

The benefits of SegWit are only used when sending from a SegWit address. Simply keep using the wallet normally and receive future coins in your SegWit addresses. Any "change" from outgoing transactions goes to native SegWit addresses by default (read more here), so eventually all your coins will be in the most efficient address type. You can send coins to all address types, all are now supported by Coinomi.

How can I see my address on a block explorer?

Not only wallets, but block explorers are still in the process of properly supporting "bc1" addresses. You can find a list of updated explorers here.

My wallet doesn't show these options, how do I get them?

SegWit is an optional upgrade, but allows cheaper and faster transactions, by implementing the most recent advancements on the Bitcoin network. To upgrade your current accounts with SegWit, open your wallets, press the "upgrade" button at the bottom popup message and confirm with your password. On iOS swipe to the "receive" screen and press the upgrade button there.

Make sure you perform this process on all your devices. If you have multiple devices sharing the same recovery phrase, un-upgraded ones may show your balance incorrectly.

Wallets that you add with a manually altered derivation path don't get SegWit capabilities. Read more below.

I don't want to use Segwit. Can I keep my wallet the way it is?

Yes, using SegWit is optional. You can keep using Coinomi normally and not press the "upgrade" button. If you recover your wallets on a new phone, or add new coins, add the wallets manually. Select the "advanced" options when adding, and type in the derivation path manually. If left with the default settings, upgraded wallets will be added.