In Coinomi, you can edit address and wallet names.

You can create an address book by naming addresses that are generated in your receive tab, the "Previous Addresses" section in the receive tab, the "Transaction Details" section in the overview screen, or in the send tab. Just click on the address you want to rename, then press the "pencil" icon to choose a name for the address. This is shown on the picture to the left and in the middle. Once an address is renamed, simply type/paste the address' name on the "pay to" field. The full address is automatically entered for you. Your transaction history will now show the name instead of the address, making it more organized. 

You can also name a wallet in Coinomi. From the overview screen, long-press on the wallet which you want to name or rename. A bar will appear on the top of the screen. Click the pencil icon and edit the wallet's name. Press save. Naming the "Bitcoin" wallet is pictured below on the right.

Naming your own addresses from the receive screen
Naming a destination address from the send screen

Naming your wallet from the overview screen

Note: we do not store any personal information in our servers. Address names are stored locally on your device. For this reason, the address book will be empty when you restore a wallet. You should go to Coinomi's "Settings - Local data - Import / Export data" to back up your address book before moving to a new device or reinstalling the app. On Coinomi iOS, you can rename wallets using the same instructions, but you cannot yet edit the names of addresses. We plan to add this feature in a future update.