This is our current list of supported coins and tokens: . We're constantly working on new integrations. You can use Coinomi to store and transact more than 100 coins, and that's not even counting Ethereum tokens (which are ALL supported by Coinomi). Also all BEP2 tokens and TRC10 tokens are supported in Coinomi so you can keep all of your assets in a single place. BEP20 and TRC20 support will be added in the future giving you even more options for storing your assets. 

Why don't you add ALL the coins?

Our goal is to eventually incorporate every major coin into our wallet, but there is a significant amount of work involved for each new integration.

I am a member of a coin community and I have an integration request for our coin/token. What do I do?

Open a new support ticket on this website and we can start discussing integration right away.

I'm not a developer, but my favorite coin isn't supported. How can I add it?

We love to hear from our users and it helps us gauge the interest of coins in this dynamic space. But if you can, please get in touch with the developers of that coin and ask them to open an official request with us