Coinomi natively supports a large list of tokens. Follow the steps below to add one. Please consult this article if you wish to manually add a token that is not in the list of supported dApps.


1. On Mobile, press the blue "+" button and select "Add Tokens". On desktop press "+ Add Asset / Add token"

2. Select Ethereum as the type of token

3. Tap to select all tokens you want to add, then press the "+" button to add them all to favorites. You can use the "search" button at the top right corner to find them more easily. 

You will now be able to see this token's wallet in your main Coinomi Overview page. 

You can delete an added wallet from the overview page just like the other coins' wallets, by long pressing the wallet for 2 seconds and clicking on the "Trash" icon that appears on the top right of the screen.

Please consult this article if you don't find in our list the token you want to add.