Your mnemonic phrase contains the private keys and paths to all your wallets and funds. You cannot change it directly. You can always create a new Coinomi wallet (which will give you a new Recovery Passphrase) if you think that your original passphrase is in any way compromised, or for any other reason. You should never share your phrase with anyone, as anyone who has it can steal your funds.

Addresses generated from a recovery phrase are forever linked to it. It's not possible to simply "move" them to a new phrase. You will need to manually send all your funds from one phrase to another.

  1. Select to "settings - Manage wallets - Create new wallet" and go through the process of creating a new wallet. Make sure you save your new recovery phrase properly.
  2. In the newly created phrase add a wallet for every coin you want to move from the old one.
  3. Open one of the coins, swipe to the "receive" screen and copy your receive address
  4. Open the sidebar and select the old wallet from the top list
  5. Open the wallet of the same coin you copied on step 4 and send all funds to the copied address
  6. Repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 until all desired coins have been moved to the new phrase

If you have any of your old addresses saved on an address book, saved as withdraw address on an exchange, etc, don't forget to update those to the new addresses..