If you want to add a generic contract that does not follow the ERC20 standard, or if you want to interact with non-standard methods of a contract, follow the instructions below. 

1. Open https://etherscan.io
2. Search for and click on the token or contract you wish to add.
3. Click the Contract Address hyperlink
4. Scroll down and tap the "Contract" tab to see its code
5. Tap the "copy" button beside the ABI code to copy its contents to your device's clipboard
6. From your Coinomi ETH wallet's main page, tap  "+ Contracts"
7. Click the "..." icon at the top right of the screen and select "Add Contract"
8. On the "Add Contract" page, enter the following info from Etherscan:
  • Name: the name of the contract
  • Description: any description of the token, optional
  • Website: project's website, optional
  • Contract address: the contract address. Use the copy button beside the contract address on the etherscan page and paste the address
  • Contract-ABI: the contract's ABI. Use the copy button beside the ABI code on the etherscan page and paste the code

Once you've entered all information, tap the "Add contract" button

9. The contract will be added to your dApps list. Use the search function at the top or scroll down to find it on the list
10. Now you can see all functions imported from the ABI and can interact with them directly