Since Coinomi is an HD wallet, all you need as a backup is your Recovery Phrase. That simple list of 18 words backs up all transaction histories and balances for all coins. You can review it by going to "... / Settngs / Show recovery phrase". Below is an example of recovery phrase, and the order in which the words must be used.

If you ever lose or change phones, simply reinstall Coinomi and choose the option "restore a wallet" and input all words in order. Make sure all characters are typed in lowercase and that there is a single space between each word. Type the first 3 or 4 letters of each word and select the suggestion that pops up, to avoid misspellings.

Upon restoring and adding the wallets back, your balances should be immediately visible after a refresh from our servers. If you have any problems after restoring, you can check our guide: "I restored my wallet using the correct passphrase but I don't see my funds". Some non-essential information is not backed up, like address book and exchange history. Full backup is coming in a future update.

It is essential that you have a backup of the recovery phrase and keep it stored somewhere safe and private. If anything happens to your device, it is the only thing that can restore access to your funds. Anyone who has access to it is able to move the coins without your permission.

If you didn't have a backup and something happened to your device that you can't open the app, your funds may still be recoverable if you have all of the following: a) access to your device b) Coinomi has not been deleted c) you remember your password. In this case, please contact our support.

✅ You can write it down on paper or durable material and keep it in a fireproof vault.

✅ You can store it digitally in an encrypted file protected by a strong password.

✅ If you decide to store it digitally, it pays to be extra careful and use a clean device that was never online.

❌ Do not keep it on the same phone where Coinomi is installed. If you lose the phone, you lose everything.

❌ Do not store it digitally in plain text (or plain image), specially on cloud services.

❌ Do not leave it where other people can see it. Never share it with anyone, not even us.

⚠️ For security, your Recovery Phrase is never transmitted out of your device. If you lose it, we cannot retrieve it!

⚠️ If you ever set a BIP39 passphrase (unrelated to your app password), it must also be backed up and used when restoring.

⚠️ Knowing only your password or previously used addresses is not enough to recover your coins. You must have recovery phrase!