Sponsors’ banners are not ads. We will never display annoying, out of context, intrusive material that can disturb your wallet experience or allow network connections to 3rd party ad servers that can allow for exploits and put your funds at risk.

Banners consist of plain text and graphics, there isn't any code executed at any point and all data is loaded directly from our secure servers over SSL and not by any 3rd party ad network. It was also described here: https://decentralize.today/introducing-coinomi-sponsors-69d2ff7d1d61. ICO banners also allow super simple, 1-click contribution and information about projects in the space.

We perform an extensive due diligence and KYC before onboarding any of the promoted projects, as with every investment there is a significant risk with investing in promoted token sales so you  should never invest more money than you can afford to lose.

All promoting material is being checked prior to publishing by our executive team and everything displayed inside your wallet is controlled by us, not some 3rd party ad network that shamelessly collects your private data and will sell them to any organization that is willing to pay for them. We put your privacy and security above our gain, despite the fact that Coinomi is a 100% free wallet. Users will be given the option to have a banner-free version of Coinomi in a future release.