If you sent funds to an address at another wallet or exchange, but they have not shown up at the destination, please troubleshoot according to these guidelines. 

  1. Your transaction may not have been confirmed yet or has not broadcast. Make sure that the funds have confirmed at your destination address. Once funds are confirmed, they will be shown in the destination wallet. You can view confirmations by opening the transaction details screen and select the "view on block explorer button, or by pasting your transaction ID into the search bar of a blockchain explorer of your choice. Make sure you choose the transaction fees according to the priority of your transaction (read more here)

  2. If the transaction has confirmed on the explorer, verify that you sent funds to the correct destination address and the correct blockchain. For example, if you sent Bitcoin (BTC), double check that it was sent to the exact BTC address that you intend to receive the funds at; and that the address is indeed supposed to receive BTC, not other coins with similar address structure or name. The same mistake can be made for ETH/ERC20 and BSC/BEP20 tokens. Whilst the address is valid and will be accepted, funds sent to the wrong blockchain will not show in most wallets. In which case you will need to speak to the person/service you sent the funds TO

    If sending to an exchange, also check that you sent to the deposit address that is showing in your account's dashboard. If you previously received coins from the exchange, do not expect them to credit your account if you send coins back to the same address from where they were sent to you. If you sent to an address that is not exactly the same as the address you intended to send to, then the funds will not be recoverable.
  3. Make sure that you have waited a sufficient amount of time for your transaction to show up. Many wallets, such as Coinomi, will show a deposit immediately, but only count toward your balance after one confirmation. Some exchanges will require a certain number of confirmations. For example, your transaction must have 40 confirmations before it will show at a GDAX account. You can view the number of confirmations on the block explorer.

  4. In the case of NEM, XMR, BNB and XRP,  if your transaction required a PaymentID/MEMO/Destination Tag, but you failed to provide this when creating your transaction: you will need to contact the recipient in order to resolve this problem. You can read more about PaymentID/DestinationTag/MEMO here.

Once the transaction is confirmed on the Blockchain, Coinomi has done its job. If your transaction still does not show at the destination wallet or exchange after performing all of the steps above, please contact the support team for the wallet or exchange you sent to.