In some rare occasions, your Coinomi app installation can run into some issues and may not open correctly. There is nothing to worry about when this happens since your funds are stored on the blockchain and so long as you have your recovery phrase stored OFFLINE, you can always access your funds. If you are experiencing sudden crashing or the app fails to open, please try all of the steps below to try and get the app back to normal operation without uninstalling and reinstalling.

Clear your Coinomi app CACHE (NOT data): 

1. Close Coinomi fully (Swipe it off from the recent/open apps list)

2. Navigate to your device's 'settings' menu and find 'apps' 

    - Select Coinomi from the apps list and select 'storage' 

    - Select 'Clear Cache'

3. Open Coinomi

Delete databases in Coinomi Safe-Mode:

Sometimes database files can become corrupted by the OS which can cause the app to crash or fail to load. When this happens clearing the app cache may not be enough and you will have to manually force deleting the corrupt files.

1. Close Coinomi fully 

2. Long hold on the Coinomi app launcher icon in your device apps list.

3. Select 'Safe-Mode' -- The app will open in safe mode to clear any corrupt Database files and should open correctly. 

Alternatively, if running an Android version 7.1 or greater, simply click the link on this page to open the app in safe-mode:

"Deleting databases" is safe and does not send your coins anywhere. All will remain accessible as normal. This will, however, clear your address book (names of saved addresses) and history of previous exchanges, which could be causing the crashes. Upon restart after clearing the databases the app will need to refresh your entire transaction history from the start, so please wait for the process to complete fully.

"Copy anonymous crash report ID" will copy to the device's clipboard a value that can help our engineers find problems specific to your device. When reporting a bug or problem you are experiencing, including this value on your report can help us identify and fix it.

Selecting "continue" will load the app normally without any changes.

Clear app data and restore with your phrase

If all other options fail, first of all make sure that you have a proper backup of your recovery phrase. Having the correct phrase is essential so you can regain access to your coins. After you have your phrase backup on your hands, clear the app data or uninstall/reinstall the app completely. After reinstalling, select the "restore wallet" option and use the phrase to regain access to your coins according to the instructions here.