Unfortunately thieves and scammers can be found everywhere, and the cryptocurrency space is no exception. It's important to know how to identify when you are being scammed and what to do about it.

If there's one thing that you must remember out of this entire article, it's this: you should NEVER share your password, phrase or private keys with anyone, not even us. To be clear: Coinomi will NEVER request your recovery phrase/payment to provide support. We may occasionally ask for your public key, which is safe to share with support staff.

If you are being contacted by someone claiming to be one of our team asking for payment or requesting your phrase, you can be 100% sure it is a scammer. Please report it to the relevant social media platform, and us right away, by emailing support@coinomi.com. If possible, please include screenshots of what was written and links to any fake group/website which claims to be official.

If you need to confirm you are communicating with an official member of the Coinomi team please email support@coinomi.com

Let's go over it again:

  • Anyone with your 24word phrase can access all of your assets. Never share it with anyone!

  • Coinomi staff will NEVER request your recovery phrase or payments for support

  • Only scammers will ever ask for phrases, passwords, private keys or payments

  • Never enter your phrase in any other online site/software/form

  • Back-up your phrase OFFLINE only.

A scammer may wait for you to ask your question and respond to you in PM claiming ‘I was sent to solve your problem’ and they will then direct you to a ‘support’ link or to fill in a ‘complaint’ form, which requests you to enter your recovery phrase. Others may initiate a conversation with you immediately as you join our group suggesting that you ‘back up’ your wallets with them.

Real admins will NEVER private message you first and will NEVER ask you to fill in a form or make payments. You may occasionally be asked to open a ticket at support.coinomi.com. If contacted by a scammer forward their messages (not screenshots) to a real admin then block the scammer immediately.
To start a chat with a real admin, go to the pinned message, welcome message or tap the image of a message sent by an admin. This will open their profile. The message button will lead you to the real chat. Any other lookalike is a scammer.

APP Distribution
A fake application can request users to enter their recovery phrase which is then sent remotely to the scammers. These apps are may find their way onto the Google Chrome app store or be hidden on fake download links on tutorials.
NEVER accept an app installation file from ANYONE. Always download from the official links at coinomi.com

Website Clones
Scammers can create websites in an attempt to trick users into thinking they are on our official site and getting users to send recovery phrases via an online ‘support’ form or 'log in'. We take every step possible to shut-down the fake domain as fast as we can.
If you ever come across a fake website please report it to us via our support site so we can take it down. Always manually type in ‘coinomi.com’ to be directed to our official website. Please notify us via our support link if you find a clone of our site so we can take action.

Fake Facebook giveaways
You may receive Facebook notifications about winning a Coinomi prize or giveaway. It is a scam, there are no giveaways / rewards currently being organised by Coinomi. These notifications are sent by fake pages trying to look like the official one.
Always check for any ongoing events on our official page at facebook.com/coinomi (We also have a 'verified' blue tick badge). Please help us take these down by using Facebook's report tool.

Phone support
Coinomi does not provide live phone support. Any advertising of phone support is a scam.
The best way to seek support is by opening our page support.coinomi.com

These are some examples of what we, Coinomi and our users, can come across. We always do everything in our power to take down any reported scams and protect our users. You can also help by using the available reporting tools and Be vigilant and if in doubt always reach our team via our official support site. 

* Our official contact groups/links can be found on our website at coinomi.com or directly from within the Coinomi application. 

Only download the Coinomi application from the links available at coinomi.com/downloads — NEVER accept an app install file from someone who claims to be Coinomi staff.

Chances are if you were contacted by ‘us’ then it is a scammer, we will never make the first move to contact our users.

Stay safe!