Similar to BSV fork that occurred on 2018, the different Bitcoin Cash development teams did not reach an agreement regarding important consensus changes. Therefore, on November 15 2020 Bitcoin Cash suffered a hard fork on block 661648, resulting in separate Bitcoin Cash chains that implement no replay protection between each other: one following the rules of the BitcoinABC implementation and their Infrastructure Funding Plan (IFP), and one maintaining the previous rules.

Currently the "Bitcoin Cash (BCH)" wallet is following the original rules of the network and is the version supported by Coinomi. Other services may refer to it as "BCHN". The other side of the fork, referred to as "BCHA" or "BAB" currently isn't supported by Coinomi. Your coins were always safe, and any BCH you had prior to the hard fork are now duplicated on the BCHA chain.

About replay protection:

There is no replay protection between the BCH and the BCHA chains. This means that, unless you properly "split" your coins, transactions you make with one of those coins may also be made on the other.

Sending unsplit BCH will result in the same amount of BCHA being sent to the same address (and vice-versa). The receiving wallet may not be prepared to accept BCHA into their address, so there is a possibility of loss of BCHA coins. This is not an issue specific to Coinomi, as any other wallet you use is under the same risk.

This also applies if you have unsplit BSV. Please follow the BSV splitting instructions here before continuing.

How to split coins:

Splitting is only necessary if you had a positive BCH balance on November 15th 2020. If you received either BCH or BCHA after that date, they are most likely already split.

  1. Receive a new deposit into your BCH wallet of BCH that is already split. Any value will work, no matter how small. The easiest way is to receive BCH from an exchange. If you are sweeping unsplit BCH from a paper wallet, you must still receive split BCH from somewhere else before moving to step 2.
  2. After transaction from (1) is confirmed, open the BCH wallet and copy your current BCH "receive" address
  3. On that same BCH wallet, go to the "send" section and send your full BCH balance to it.
  4. Done. This should be enough for your coins to be split. This process only has to be done once. After your coins are split, they are split forever, and further deposits you receive will also most likely already be split.

If is updated with support for BCHA, this guide will include instructions for claiming the forked coin.

If you have more than one BCH wallet in Coinomi, you will need to repeat the splitting/claiming process for each one. 

Be safe:

Note that during such forks, scamming attempts are rife. Do not accept or trust any "free" giveaways, stay extra vigilant about scammers impersonating our staff, and as always, never share your seed and/or keys with anyone, including Coinomi staff.

Our support will remain available 24/7 as always, to answer any inquires our users might have.