The Ethereum network has been extremely congested in since early 2021, only transactions with high fees are confirming. A transaction sent with low fees can take days or weeks to confirm. The transaction may not even appear in the block explorer if it was dropped by the rest of the network.

Please do not make multiple transactions if that the case. If you initiated a transaction that isn't confirming and isn't found on the block explorer, follow the instructions below:

  1. Open your Ethereum wallet, go to the "receive" section and press the "copy" button at the top

  2. Open the page and paste your address on the search bar at the top and search to find the details of your address

  3. At the top of the transaction list, press the "..." button and select "View Outgoing Txns"

  4. Note the number of transactions found there (if the number is zero, note zero)

  5. Back in Coinomi, start a new transaction sending your coins. Below the destination address and amount, enable the transaction's "Advanced Settings" and set the "nonce" value to the number you got on the previous step
  6. Press "Continue" and send with "high" priority fees.

Notice that when you tap the "nonce" field in the transaction's "advanced settings", a number will appear automatically. You must repeat this process for your next transactions until the "nonce" value you are entering manually is the same as the automatic value.