Callisto has moved to a new staking contract, ColdStaking v2. This guide will show you how to access your staked coins on the OLD contract address directly from your Coinomi wallet using our in-app dapp browser to connect to * Android Coinomi v1.22.2 - iOS v1.10.2 - Desktop support for CLO in dapp browser will come soon 

Step 1. Connecting to the via the in-app dapp browser

Open the Coinomi Dapp BrowserEnsure the network you are connecting to is CLO. Then select 'contracts' on the pageSelect Metamask/Coinomi and connect

Step 2. Connecting to the Cold Staking v1 contract

Select the v1 contract from the existing contract list (0x0d813.....) and press 'access'You will now need to scroll down to read/write contract

Step 3. Using the 'Withdraw_Stake' function to begin staking

Select the 'select a function' dropdown and 'withdraw_stake'Select 'write' Select 'Yes,.... Make transaction' and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

You have now successfuly withdrew your CLO v1 stake amount!

Functions of the contract

withdraw_stakeSelect this function to withdraw your amount from the staking contract
stake_rewardThis function can be used to 'claim and stake' the reward amount
claimThe 'claim' function is used to claim your rewards from the staking contract into your wallet address

You can learn more about Cold-staking CLO here: