What is Digi-ID?

Digi-ID is an authentication method based on the security of the DigiByte blockchain. This allows you to log in to a website, application and more by simply scanning or tapping on a QR code. Digi-ID does away with the need for usernames and passwords, or it can be used to complement them for additional security. For more information see this link

How can I use Digi-ID in Coinomi?

Coinomi wallet fully supports Digi-ID for secure and anonymous login to any service offering Digi-ID as an option. This feature is available in Android and iOS versions of Coinomi and can be used as follows: 

  1. In your Coinomi wallet overview click the + icon then “Scan QR / WalletConnect”

  2. Scan the Digi-ID QR code on the website you are connecting to. 
    - Ensure the website shown in the app matches exactly with the website you are logging into. 
      - If it DOES match, select "Login" and input your Coinomi app password. 
      - If it DOES NOT match, Select "cancel" and contact the site owner.You will now be logged into that site through your Digi-ID verification.

For any questions you may have regarding this guide please reach out to our live chat support directly in the app or on this page. We promise the fastest response time in the industry!