Absolutely. Coinomi is a decentralized service and the keys for your funds are on your device, not on our servers. On top of that, we're not planning to shut down Coinomi any time soon! As long as you have your recovery phrase, your funds are permanently safe no matter what happens to Coinomi or any other service.

In case of planned delisting of a specific coin, we will always warn users ahead of time, with banners in its specific wallet, and also on social media. This way users will have enough time to send those coins out either to be exchanged, or to a different wallet software.

If you were not able to do it in time, it's not a problem. Like we said, your coins are always safe, as long as you have your Phrase you will have access to them. When you want to move your coins, this is what you should do:

  1. From your recovery phrase, get the private keys of the addresses where you currently have coins. Follow the instructions here.
  2. Install a wallet software for that coin. The software must support either "importing" or "sweeping" private keys. Most of the times the official desktop wallet app for that coin supports importing.
  3. Import or sweep the keys from step 1 into this new wallet* and you're done! Your funds can now be accessed from it as normal.

* To import a key into a coin's main desktop wallet, the common procedure is to open its console and type the command "importprivkey KEY" (replacing "KEY" for the private key of one of your addresses). Repeat for each address where you have funds.