This article applies to the following cases:

- You sent a TOKEN to your Coinomi ETH Receive address

- You had token wallets but for some reason the wallets themselves no longer show

Token wallets will not automatically appear in your main balances screen when you receive a deposit. If you received a deposit or the token wallet is no longer on your wallet list, follow these instructions: How do I add a supported ETH token in Coinomi?

If the token received isn't in our native list, you can still add it manually following the instructions here: How can I add a token that is not in your list of natively supported tokens?

It's important to note that tokens will only be visible after the deposit is confirmed on the blockchain. Copy your Ethereum address, search for it on and click on "Erc20 Token Txns" to see the transactions involving your address. If your expected transaction isn't listed there, it wasn't sent yet. Many exchanges and services may tag a withdrawal as "processed" or "confirmed" but can delay the sending for many hours.

Once you set up your token wallet, please ensure that your ETH wallet is funded - when sending out tokens from Coinomi, as the tokens themselves cannot be used to pay for the gas and the transaction fees of that transaction.