Coinomi natively supports hundreds tokens. Please consult this article to add an Ethereum token that is already on our native list, and this one if you are using Coinomi version 1.7 or want to add a non-ERC20 (generic) contract.

If the ERC20 token you want to add is not already within the hundreds already support, follow the steps below to add it manually. This guide is for users who already updated to the app version 1.8.0, which is slowly rolling out. If you are using an earlier version, please follow the guide for "generic" contracts linked above.

  • Leave the page open, you will need get some details from it

  • From your ETH wallet main page, swipe two screens to the right to get to dApps page.
  • Click the "..." button on the top right and choose "Add ERC20 token". If you don't see that option, you are using a version prior to 1.8.0 and are following the wrong guide. Follow this one instead.

  • On the "Add Contract" page, enter the following information from the Etherscan page
    • Contract Address: Copy the "Contract Address" (not the URL, just the address in the format 0xffe8...)
    • Name: The name of the token.
    • Symbol: the 3 or more letters that symbolize the token unit
    • Decimals: the token decimals as specified by etherscan

  • Click on "ADD CONTRACT" on the bottom of your device's page. It will be added to the Ethereum's dApps list. Search for the token name to easily find it on the list and select it.

  • On the top right corner of the screen, tap the "+" button to add it to your favorites.