This is the Broadcast Error message that is displayed on Android. On iOS, the error message will display 'Generic Error' and prevent the transaction from broadcasting/sending.

These are the most common reasons and fixes for these errors.

1. Outdated app version

  • Go to the app store of your Operating System and make sure you are using the most recent version of Coinomi

2. Incomplete sync (due to slow network or no connection) - resulting to a transaction that uses an output that's already spent.

  • Ensure that your internet connectivity is good and select "... / Resynchronize" once, allowing some time for the wallets to sync properly.
  • Read other tips here.

3. Device date/time is not properly synced, resulting in slight delays that affect all time-stamped coins Coinomi supports. Coins that are especially susceptible to errors due to wrong time settings are: Abncoin, Asiacoin, BitcoinPlus, Blackcoin, Britcoin, Cannacoin, Clams, Clubcoin, Denarius, Ecoin, EDRCoin, GCRCoin, Gridcoin, Hempcoin, InsaneCoin, Landcoin, NavCoin, Neoscoin, Neuro, Novacoin, NuBits, NuShares, OKCash, Peercoin, Pesobit, Pinkcoin, PosWcoin, Potcoin, Putincoin, Reddcoin, Rubycoin, ShadowCash, Solarcoin, Stratis, Toacoin, UltimateSecureCash, VCash, Verge, Vpncoin, Whitecoin.

  • Make sure that your device's Date and Time are set to "automatic"

4. The transaction has either too low or too high a fee (yes, in some coins, too high a fee is rejected by the miners)

5. You are interacting with a smart contract (Ethereum token, CLO staking), but you don't have enough ETH/CLO to pay for the network fees.

  • Increase your Ethereum or Callisto balance. Making any Ethereum or Callisto transaction (including Ethereum Token transactions and Callisto staking operations) requires a fee paid in ETH/CLO. Even if you hold value in your Ethereum address in the form of ERC20 tokens or have funds locked in the Cold Staking contract, those can't be used to pay this fee.

6. The transaction is over 100KB in size, because your wallet has too many unspent deposits - most commonly from using the address to receive mining payments. This also greatly increases the fee required for the transaction.

  • Send the funds in smaller transactions, do not select "use all funds" in the send page.
  • If you are receive mining payouts, send no more than 200x the value of your average deposit in a single transaction. Consider setting your pool to send you less frequent, higher value payouts. Also periodically combine small deposits into a large one by sending your balance back to yourself.

7. Our back-end servers are undergoing maintenance as we constantly scale up to meet demand, affecting some functionality for a short period of time.

  • We try to tweet about maintenance issues regularly and give our users an ETA for normal functionality. Please refresh your wallets regularly.

8. Our in-app exchange providers, ShapeShift or Changelly, might be experiencing server issues with s due to increased volume/demand.

  • They are also constantly scaling up so please refresh your wallets and try again. If your transaction went through, but appears stuck or you haven't received your exchange funds, please consult this article instead.

9. General Android issues out of our control may interfere with your transactions.

  • Go to your Android's "Settings -> apps -> Coinomi -> Storage -> Clear cache" and restart your device.

We are currently working to improve our error handling and provide real time information about the errors in-app.