If, for any reason, you must access your Coinomi Ethereum wallet via MyEtherWallet (MEW), follow the instructions below. These steps simply allow MEW to access the ETH and tokens you have in Coinomi. Your funds remain in their current addresses, unless you explicitly make a transaction using the site.

  1. Go to https://www.myetherwallet.com/#send-transaction
    Due to an increase in phishing attempts, it is very important that you verify the SSL certificate and URL. It should look like this:
  2. Select "Access my wallet -> Software -> Mnemonic Phrase -> Continue" and enter your Coinomi Recovery Phrase. Do not select the "Password" option, it is not related to your Coinomi password. Only use it if you enabled the extra BIP39 word/phrase in Coinomi. Click on "Continue".
  3. On the "HD Derivation Path" section select to add a custom path. Give your path a name and enter the value m/44'/60'/0'. Select "Add custom path" to confirm.
    Note: if you have more than one Ethereum wallet, you must choose "custom path" and write m/44'/60'/1' or m/44'/60'/2' and so on, to match the derivation path of your Coinomi wallet. If accessing an ETC wallet, use the number 61 instead of 60.
  4. Select the newly added path from the list of paths. If done correctly your Ethereum address will be the very first one of the addresses list. Select it, read and accept the terms, then click on "Access My Wallet".

That's it, MEW is now able to access ETH and tokens in your Coinomi wallet, and make transactions or interact with contracts if necessary.