This article addresses what to do if you encounter a 'Token Transfer Error' when sending an Ethereum token. You may see this error on an explorer, such as Etherscan, after sending from Coinomi. If you receive a Broadcast Error in Coinomi when sending, you should read this article instead.

1. You are trying to send an Ethereum token, and you are pressing 'use all funds'. In some cases, a string parsing issue prevents your maximum value token transactions from confirming.

  • Select "use all funds" in the token's send page. In the amount field, delete the last digit of the amount you're sending. Round down the value by making the last digit smaller. For example, if you have 59.073326 OMG tokens that won't send (and this is the max value in your address), change the send value to 59.073325.  

2. You are trying to send Aion tokens and you are using Coinomi version 1.11.2 or earlier. This was fixed on the next update. Update the app and you will be fine.

3. The token contract is frozen. If this is the case, you will not be able to send a token that belongs to the contract. For example, the EOS erc20 contract was locked after the release of the mainnet, so users who attempt to send EOS erc20 tokens will now receive a token transfer error. Additionally, contracts may be deployed but locked before an ICO distribution occurs.

4. Your gas limit is too low and your transaction ran out of gas before it could confirm. 

  • Some ICOs require a set gas limit, so make sure that you're using the specified gas limit. You can manually set it in the 'advanced settings' menu of the token's send tab. Typically, you should not have to manually enter a gas limit value for normal token transfers, as Coinomi automatically sets it. It is recommended to keep the gas limit field blank. However, if you continue to receive this error, try setting the gas limit to 200,000 to ensure that your gas limit is high enough (make sure to reset it to default after your transaction confirms). For more information, you can read our article about the Ethereum advanced settings menu.