Coinomi supports hundreds of coins and thousands of tokens. It's great that the crypto ecosystem can flourish with no boundaries. However, unfortunately some coins fail to get traction or their developers themselves end up abandoning their project. In those cases we may decide to remove support for those assets and delist the coin from the app. This frees up resources for other more active projects and can allow more users to finally have full control over their coins. 

Before delisting a coin Coinomi can alert users in a number of different ways. We can announce it on our social media (Twitter, Telegram, Reddit) as necessary, or add a banner to the coin's wallets themselves with a warning.

So what do I do?

If you paid attention to the notifications and our servers for that coin are still working, we suggest that you download the official wallet of the coin and send all funds from Coinomi to it as soon as possible.

The app no longer allows me to send...

If you failed to see the notifications or waited too long so that our server are no longer online, it will not be possible to make transactions from the app. Don't worry, your funds are never lost. Your coins are never in our servers or in the app. They are in the blockchain of the coin. For as long as the blockchain exists and the network itself is still active, you can access your coins.

  1. Download the official wallet of the coin (you should find it on its website).
  2. Open the coin's wallet and select "... / Show unspent outputs". This will list all addresses where the app knows you have funds. Coins of the Ethereum family have a single address, so you can just open the "receive" screen to see it.
  3. Get the private keys of the addresses where you have your funds. Follow the instructions here to get the keys.
  4. Open the official wallet and look for an option to import private keys. Usually this involves opening the wallet's console and entering the command "importprivkey <key>". Please consult that wallet's documentation or support for their specific details.

Oh no, I waited way too long, I can't even add the wallet, or I no longer see any balances in the app!

If you wait too long, the app may try to do a refresh of your balances and won't be able to, so no funds at all will be displayed. Again, your funds are never lost. The app simply cannot connect to the blockchain to display them. If you still have the coin wallet added, follow the instructions above, except on step 2, go to your "receive" section of the app and at the bottom of the screen select "previous addresses". You will see there the addresses you used to receive coins previously. If you don't have the coin added, skip step 2. When getting the private keys of your addresses, import them one by one until the imported address doesn't contain any transactions associated with it.

Special cases - coin / token swap:

Some times a coin may change to a different blockchain that Coinomi does not support. When a coin changes to a new blockchain entirely, this means that it must be reintegrated completely into the app, and that's not always possible. Whenever there is a coin/token swap, please follow the official instructions from the developers of the coin. In most cases the instructions above can still be followed so you complete the swap.