As Coinomi is a non custodial wallet, meaning we do not have any access to any wallets or funds, staking is only possible directly in app for assets offering automatic stake rewards to address holders as with ALGO,  “Cold Staking” as with CLO or staking through Smart Contracts as with ETH based assets. We will run through these options below;

Automatic Staking

All coins/tokens that receive automatic stake rewards can be received in Coinomi. Here are some of the the options available in Coinomi:

Algorand: If you hold more than 1 ALGO in your wallet, you automatically receive rewards for holding. Rewards don't show up as new transactions in your history, but they do reflect in your final balance.

SmartCash: SmartRewards are given to users who hold at least 1000 Smartcash Coins in a single address, and the address is activated. Here is a guide to activate your Smartcash wallet to receive rewards: Smartcash staking guide 

Smart Contracts

Ethereum or Ethereum Classic tokens: All tokens that are staked through smart contract functions can be staked in Coinomi. To access this function press the + icon inside your ETH wallet and select “Contracts” then the + icon in the top right and fill in the required information for the contract you are executing.

Cold Staking

Callisto: Callisto has upgraded its Staking contract to V2 and is fully supported in the Coinomi app.  You can find instructions on how to stake your CLO here

Other staking options

Staking the coins/tokens in the list below must be done in the official wallet for that coin. However, you can sync your staking address with Coinomi by importing your private key for that asset into their official wallet. You can find your private keys with this guide:  What is the Recovery Tool and how do I export my private keys?

If there are no instructions on how to import private keys to the official wallets for the assets below please search for detailed information on the coin's official website.




Dash: You need to stake DASH via a masternode.



Bitcoin Plus:

Reddcoin: Requires a full node wallet such as the RDD core wallet. Please contact the RDD team for further information.

If you have any questions or have suggestions about coins or tokens that you think should be listed in this article, please contact us by opening a support ticket on this page or using the live chat bubble in the bottom right corner