Ethereum or Ethereum Classic tokens

All tokens that stake through contract functions can be staked in Coinomi.


Callisto has upgraded its Staking contract to V2. The Callisto Staking page inside Coinomi will soon change to support it. Until then, all required functionality can be be done via Callisto's dapp, as per our instructions here: Callisto V2 Staking

Users who have tokens staked at the moment can wait until the end of their staking round and claim their rewards and tokens from the same dapp. 

(Deprecated V1 Staking instructions for reference purposes only: Callisto Cold Staking)  

Additionally, all coins/tokens that receive automatic airdrops can be received in Coinomi. Here are some examples.


If you hold more than 1 ALGO in your wallet, you automatically receive rewards for holding. Rewards don't show up as new transactions in your history, but they do reflect in your final balance.


SmartRewards are given to users who hold at least 1000 Smartcash Coins in a single address, and the address is activated. If you have more than 1000 SMART, go to your "receive" section and copy your own address. Then go to the "send" screen, paste your address and send your full balance to it. After sending, make a second transaction sending your full balance to that same address. This will activate the address for the rewards, which will be distributed in the form of Smartcash Coins after every cycle of 47,500 blocks.

Pundi-X (inactive)

Pundi tokens were automatically airdropped to Pundi holders at a rate of 7.136% each month. By keeping your Pundi tokens in your Coinomi ETH address, monthly airdrops were automatically sent to your address. The Pundi-X team has finalized this distribution and it's no longer active.

Other coins: Staking the coins/tokens in the list below must be done in the official wallet for that coin. However, you can sync your staking address with Coinomi. If there is no link to the official instructions below, please search for detailed information on the coin's official website.


As long as you hold 10 or more KMD coins in your Coinomi wallet, you will be able to claim a 5% interest rate. You can only claim it in Agama at this time (more information in the link below).

You can export your Coinomi KMD private key and claim in the Agama wallet. Then, your Coinomi wallet will sync with the address that is receiving payouts in Agama. What is the Recovery Tool and how do I export my private keys?

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You need to stake DASH via a masternode.

Monkey Project


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