The Horizen Zendoo update broke ElectrumX compatibility. We have worked directly with the Horizen team to get a version that supports the latest changes in the app (1.25.0 Android, 1.13.0 iOS), which is live and working but presents another issue, which both us and the Horizen team are currently still working on. Your ZEN are safe in the ZEN blockchain as always, you can put your addresses in a ZEN explorer to confirm.

If you need access to your ZEN coins right away please follow these steps:

  1. Download and install Sphere wallet here

  2. Have your 24-word backup phrase* for your Coinomi wallet ready.

  3. Open Sphere wallet and create a new account and set an in app password. Do not forget this password.

  4. Click “Add Wallet”

  5. Click “Restore Existing”

  6. Add Wallet Nickname. This can be set to whatever you like.

  7. Enter your 24-word Backup Phrase exactly as recorded. Enter in the exact order, exact spelling, only 1 space between words. There should be no punctuation, tabs or any trailing space after the final word.

  8. Click “Restore Wallet”

Once the wallet is fully synced you will be able to access your ZEN coins.

*If you have an 18 word recovery phrase you will need to import your ZEN private key into the Arizen wallet instead.

  1. Use this guide to find your ZEN private key

  2. Download and install Arizen wallet here

  3. In Arizen wallet click on "File" in the menu bar and select “Import Private Key”

  4. Input your ZEN private key from Coinomi and confirm

Thank you for your patience! If you have any questions or need any support with the steps in this guide please reach out to our team directly in the app 'live support' or here on this page.