Getting started with Coinomi is a very simple process. We have compiled a short guide below helping you to set up the app and start with the basic functions such as finding your addresses and sending from the app. If you would like to know more about Coinomi, as a product, please start by clicking: INTRODUCTION TO COINOMI 

You can find a short video setup guide here:

Setting up the wallet for first time use:

Download Coinomi from either; Apple's App Store | Google Play | . Once you have the app installed go ahead and open it. You can now follow the steps below to create your wallet for the first time.

Select create wallet

Use the slider to see the different encryption types and select your security typeSelect the coins you wish to use. You can add more later

The coins you selected will now show in the overview

* Wallet Backup should be completed as soon as convenient to avoid any loss of funds in the event of a hardware or device software malfunction. Please follow this guide to correctly BACK UP YOUR WALLET 

Finding your Coinomi receive addresses:

To receive funds from a friend or service you need to provide your Coinomi receive address to that service/person to send funds to. Finding your address for each coin is very easy;

Select the asset you need the receive address for by tapping on it.
Swipe to the right/click receive.

Press the copy button to copy your receive address.

* Be sure to provide the correct address to receive the correct asset. Cross-chain transactions are not possible and can result in a loss of funds. For example, only send BTC to a BTC receive address.
** Some assets such as BTC and LTC will show 3 types of address for you to receive into. For more information on why you have 3 addresses please read this guide which explains ALL ABOUT SEGWIT

Sending from Coinomi:

Sending from your wallet is as easy as receiving. All you need is the recipient's receive address for the coin you want to send. With only a few steps you can be sending/paying from your wallet;

Select the asset you would like to send from
Swipe left/click send
Paste the address/Scan QR - Enter amount to send - Press sendCheck the address and amount are correct - Select the fees you want to use - Press confirm

* Some coins have dynamic fee options. Selecting 'high' is the best way for a quick confirmation time
** Do NOT set a custom fee unless you know what you are doing. You can read here to learn ALL ABOUT FEES

Adding more coins to the overview:

Coinomi supports a vast array of assets and allows storing of them all within the same recovery phrase/seed. To add more coins all you need to do is;

Select the FAB (+) then select 'add coin'

Select coins you would like to add then press the FAB (+)

You will be requested to authorize the sensitive action you are performing. Please enter your app password and wait for the process to finish. You will then see the new coins in the overview screen of your wallet

Adding more tokens is the same as adding coins above. You can read more about adding supported tokens here and manually adding ETH tokens here