If you sent funds to a Coinomi address, but they do not show in your wallet, please troubleshoot according to these guidelines. 

  1. Make sure that the funds have confirmed at your Coinomi address. It's very common for services like exchanges to delay sending of coins. Once funds are confirmed at your Coinomi address, they will be shown in your Coinomi wallet because both the explorer and Coinomi read from the blockchain. You can view confirmations by pasting your transaction ID into the search bar of a blockchain explorer. Here are a few reputable blockchain explorers: BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, DOGE, DGB, ZCash. If the funds have not confirmed after 48 hours or do not show on the explorer, please contact the sender as the funds were never sent or returned to them.

  2. Verify that you sent funds to the correct wallet. For example, if you sent Bitcoin (BTC) to a Coinomi address, double check that it was sent to an address from your Bitcoin (BTC) wallet. If it was sent to an address from any other wallet, such as your Bitcore (BTX) or Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wallet, then you will need to contact our support for an extraction (open a support ticket on this page).

  3. Verify that you sent funds to the correct address. The address you sent funds to needs to be exactly what is shown in Coinomi. If you sent to an address that is different by even one character, then it will not be possible to recover the sent funds.

  4. Your device could be having simple refresh issues. Select "... / Resynchronize" once to force a new refresh.

  5. Your device could be having connection problems with our servers. Please read this article.

  6. Make sure you are running the latest version of Coinomi. Older versions may not show deposits from coins that received major updates.

  7. If you can't find a token that you sent to Coinomi, make sure that you have added the correct token wallet from the "add tokens - COIN" list (where COIN is the network where the tokens runs on). If it's an Ethereum token and it's not on the "add tokens - Ethereum" list, you can add the token wallet manually by following these instructions.

If you are still unable to find sent funds that have been confirmed, please open a support ticket and include the address you sent to (a screenshot of your Coinomi wallet's receive tab if you sent to a Coinomi address) and the transaction ID in plain text.